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Children's books, music, and dvd reviews

The Song of the Torero
Calvin B. Burke (Artist), Kim Maerkl (Artist, Composer), Gruber & Maklar Duo (Artist)

Go to Barcelona, Spain through the gorgeous sound of music and a captivating story of Bernardo and his grandfather. The grandfather's passion for the guitar is heard with superb incredible guitar performances that draws listeners into the story. A story of a boy and his grandfather.

A grandfather who tells an amazing tale to his grandson while strolling through the hills and reveals an extraordinary secret. This CD is impressive with gorgeous guitar music that enhances the wonderful story creating a fascinating listening experience for all ages. Beautiful.

ClickThe Song of the Torero to order.

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Hibernation Theme

Hibernation Theme Folder

33 pages of hibernation learning fun. Information about animals that hibernate, which animals hibernate, and why animals hibernate. Grade 1.

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Dinosaurs Activity Theme

50 pages of dinosaur learning fun for grades pre-1.

Includes mini books "One Friendly Dinosaur" and "Colorful Dinosaurs".

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Thanksgiving Alphabet Mini Book. Half-sheets. Print and reproduce for students to put together. Each page contains a picture to color and sentence to copy. Example: M is for Mayflower. Ages: Pre-1

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